Pamela Lowe Photography, LLC: Blog en-us (C) Pamela Lowe Photography, LLC (Pamela Lowe Photography, LLC) Fri, 01 Dec 2017 17:49:00 GMT Fri, 01 Dec 2017 17:49:00 GMT Pamela Lowe Photography, LLC: Blog 80 120 The Brown Family {mini session} | Philadelphia, PA I have always loved twins.  My childhood best friends and maid & matron of honor at my wedding are twins, my husband and I are friends with a set of twins from high school and there was a set of twins on my college lacrosse team who remain among my closest adult friends.  Well, the Brown twins fed into my long standing love for twins (ok - it's a borderline obsession).   

These two girls could not be more charismatic, fun and adorable.  They loved clapping, saying cheese and smiling for their entire mini session and the results still make me giddy with excitement.  I love their moment of hugging early on in the session and I particularly enjoy their interactions towards the end when they were goofing around with mom and dad.

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Hanson {Family Portraits} | Collingswood, NJ When editing photos, I often need to delete images because someone is inevitably looking another way, blinking, or not smiling.  That was hardly the case with the Hanson family - there were so many images from this session where everyone, including the kids were smiling and looking at the camera.  It was amazing.

Check out some of my favorites from this extended family session at Knights Park in Collingwood, New Jersey

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Tack-Hooper {Family Portraits} | Philadelphia, PA My fall family portrait season is in full swing and I am so excited to share these portraits of the Tack-Hooper Family at Independence Park in Philadelphia.  We had beautiful weather and perfect light for our morning session.  And plenty of smiles from this awesome family.

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Mini Session Date Announcement! - Saturday, November 18 Date:  Saturday, November 18 (rain date Sunday, November 19)

Location:  Independence Park (near 3rd and Chestnut).  


Time Slots: to be scheduled between 8:30am-11:30am - please email me your time preference, I'll fill the schedule on a first come/first serve basis.  Rain date schedule to start at 12:30pm

Session Includes:

20 minute photo session

4 high resolution .jpg files of your choice from the session (you will have print authorization for these images)

A private online gallery for viewing of all your images and options to buy prints, framed images and additional digital files

Price per session (including tax):  $125


Email to reserve your session!





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Thank You for Showing Up! On September 12, 2016 our family was given the devastating news that our four year old daughter has cancer.  In the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months that followed we were consumed with this new, horrifying reality in our lives: Morgan has leukemia.  

Thirteen months after starting treatment, Morgan has received over 315 doses of chemotherapy, 254 "pokes" (iv starts, blood draws, port access, or injections), 10 blood and platelet transfusions, 19 lumbar punctures, spent 43 nights in the hospital, spent 97 days under contact precautions for neutropenia, and went to clinic 71 times.  With another year and a half of active treatment left in her roadmap, Morgan continues to be one of the strongest and most pleasant little ladies I have ever known.  

In these past thirteen months, there has been so many exceptional acts of kindness, generosity and love for Morgan and our entire family.  Homemade meals delivered, cards, gifts, donations, phone calls, texts, emails and more loads of laundry folded for us than I ever thought possible.  And just when you might think our friends' support could fade, you, once again, stepped up to support Morgan as she was honored with the role of Ambassador for CHOP's Parkway Run and Walk.  You donated.  You fundraised.  You ran.  You walked.  You showed up.  

Morgan's Crew raised $19,697 for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's cancer center.  We were the 7th highest fundraising team among almost 100 teams.  Overall the event raised over $1.2 million towards research for treatments and cures for childhood cancer.  Treatments to help thousands of other kids like Morgan.  

The words THANK YOU will never fully capture our gratitude for everything you have done to support Morgan and our family.  Thank you for showing up at the race and thank you for showing up for us so many times since September 2016.  

CHOP Parkway Run-369CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-368CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-381CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-384CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-385CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-387CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-388CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-390CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-391CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-393CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-396CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-402CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-403CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-404CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-408CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-409CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-410CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-412CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-413CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-417CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-418CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-426CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-427CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-430CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-431CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-433CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-435CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-436CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-437CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-440CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-442CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-443CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-446CHOP Parkway CHOP Parkway Run-448CHOP Parkway

CHOP Parkway Run-453CHOP Parkway

CHOP Parkway Run-451CHOP Parkway

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Baby Bango {Newborn Portraits} | Philadelphia, PA I had the pleasure of photographing Jessica + Bayisana during an engagement session in Philadelphia back in 2014.  Fast forward almost three years, add a new home, a puppy and a precious baby boy.  I was back with the Bango family to capture images of this beautiful family.



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Herley {Beach Portraits} | Ocean City, NJ Four kids + two adults @7am = a perfect beach session!

The Herley's were on board with my request to do their session in the early morning and we were rewarded with a wide open beach and beautiful light a few weeks ago.  Check out some of my favorites from their beach portraits in Ocean City, New Jersey.

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Brown {Family Portraits} | Wissahickon Valley Park, Philadelphia As a mother's day present to Michelle, Michael and the kids arranged for a family portrait session with the whole family.  (hint to my family if you are reading this:  I would be thrilled with portraits as a gift for me next mother's day)

I met with the Brown Family at Wissahickon Valley Park in Philadelphia, a location I haven't shot before and hadn't scoped out ahead of time aside from some ideas Michelle found on Pinterest.  We were fortunate to find some really great spots along this easy hiking trail.  I'll definitely be back here for more portraits in the future.  Check out some of my favorite shots from this family session.

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Arianna Comes Home I have met Arianna many times in the playroom and in the halls at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where my daughter and Arianna were both being treated for Leukemia. During every hospital stay we've had in the last seven months we'd see Arianna, her mom and dad roaming the halls playing music from their iPhones and cruising in a push car with smiles on their faces.  She was affectionately known as the mayor of the oncology floor at CHOP.  

My daughter adores Arianna and was always so excited to see her at art class, pet therapy or music class.  Arianna spent over a year at CHOP being treated for a rare form of leukemia. She has battled through more challenges in the last 14 months than many will face in a lifetime.  For that, her family has named her a warrior princess and on Wednesday, Arianna headed home from the hospital with a heroes welcome.  

Arianna was escorted to her home by the Evesham Police Department and the Warriors Watch Riders.  When they arrived home they were greated by the St. Joan of Arc Parish WINGS dressed in some of Arianna's favorite Disney characters along with firetrucks and EMTS from the Evesham Fire Department.  @SarahBloomquist from 6abc was there to cover the surprise homecoming for Arianna and her family.  Arianna's Aunt Sandi pulled together an amazing surprise celebration to bring Arianna home surrounded by family, friends and neighbors.  

It was a very special day for mom, Katrina, dad, Matt, and their warrior princess, Arianna.  Welcome home!




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Xin+Douglas {Long Beach Island, NJ} | Wedding A few months ago I received a message from my old friend, Doug, saying, "what are you doing October 15th?".  
"Something with you?", I asked.  
"Yes.  You are shooting my wedding"
And the rest is history.

I hadn't seen Doug in many years and met Xin for the first time when I arrived for portraits the morning of her wedding.  Xin is just as caring and laid back as Doug, and I was thrilled to learn that she was the perfect match for such a special friend of mine.  

Xin and Doug were married on the beach on Long Beach Island so we met for portraits before the ceremony and after they said "I do", Xin had a quick wardrobe change and we raced to the bay for some incredible sunset portraits that I'm so excited to share.

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Conner {Family Portraits} | Philadelphia, PA Trade Secret:  a lot of times when I'm photographing a newborn with older siblings I sneak some smarties in the swaddle and ask the older siblings to seek them out.  Viola, a precious photo of siblings fawning over the new baby!  Well, with the Conner kids, there were absolutely no smarties needed.  Big sister N and big brother, D absolutely adore their little brother and here are some photos to prove it:

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Robin+Andy {Wedding Sneak Peek} | Philadelphia, PA I promised Robin+Andy a sneak peek of their wedding photos from a few weeks ago at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.  You may recognize them from my top secret assignment as the photographer for Andy's proposal to Robin last October.  

Here is a preview of some of my favorites so far.  More to come soon...including some fabulous dancing photos of Robin's Grandma.  You won't want to miss it.  


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Cucinello {Family Portraits} | Philadelphia, PA Anni+John set up a family session to commemorate E's first birthday.  Not only is E precious, but she is such a happy child.  She has been walking for a few weeks and decided that the cobblestones at Independence Park are a great place to run as fast as possible.  I'm a huge fan of this fearless little lady!!

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Duer {Family Portraits} | Smithville Mansion The Duer Family christmas card has hit my mailbox, which means I'm officially allowed to post my favorite images from our session at Smithville Mansion in Eastampton, New Jersey.  I loved this location for our session and always love photographing the adorable Duer kids!

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Cordiero {Portraits} | Valley Forge, PA Juliet and her older daughter had a photo shoot last fall and this year she scheduled a shoot with her littlest lady, V.  I had so much fun doing this mother /daughter session.  We were back at Valley Forge Park with beautiful fall weather and another awesome photo shoot.  I'm so excited to share these images.

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SECOND Mini Session Date Announcement! - Saturday, November 21 I've been asked by many people to host another date of mini sessions so HERE IT IS!


Check out the details below and email me at if you'd like to book a mini session:


Date:  Saturday, November 21 (rain date Sunday, November 22)

Location:  Independence Park (near 3rd and Chestnut).  

Check out this link to see a session at this location

Time Slots: to be scheduled between 8:30am-11:30am - please email me your time preference, I'll fill the schedule on a first come/first serve basis

Session Includes:

20 minute photo session

4 high resolution .jpg files of your choice from the session (you will have print authorization for these images)

A private online gallery for viewing of all your images and options to buy prints, framed images and additional digital files

Price per session (including tax):  $125


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Kriarakis Family {Mini Session} | Philadelphia, PA The Kriarakis Family is my first featured mini session from last weekends shoot.  I am so excited to share some of my favorite images of this beautiful family!

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Bookworms {School Portraits} | Philadelphia, PA Picture day at my daughter's school is one of my favorite days of the year.  It even rivals my love for Thanksgiving.  Picking my favorite smiles for this post was harder than I expected - these kids are all so precious and have the greatest personalities.



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Robin+Andy {Marriage Proposal} | Philadelphia, PA Last night I had the incredible and very exciting task of photographing the marriage proposal of Robin+Andy at Washington Square Park in Philadelphia.  Check out my first gig as a top secret proposal photographer:

Congratulations to Robin+Andy, the newly betrothed and wonderfully happy couple!

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Barbara + Joe's {Birthday Party} | Townsends Inlet Yacht Club | Sea Isle City, NJ Longtime neighbors and friends, Barbara and Joe celebrated their birthdays together with a party at Townsends Inlet Yacht Club in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.  Rainy weather and clouds didn't put a damper on this party with family and old friends.

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