Werme {Family Portraits} | Philadelphia, PA

December 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Karen and her daughter, "M", joined me for a mini session in November.  They were the first ones scheduled for the day and the morning air was still chilly.  I was worried that my shutter finger might freeze, but we managed to capture some great shots.  

Werme-2Werme-2plowephoto.com Werme-6Werme-6plowephoto.com Werme-9Werme-9plowephoto.com Werme-13Werme-13plowephoto.com Werme-17Werme-17plowephoto.com Werme-18Werme-18plowephoto.com Werme-23Werme-23plowephoto.com Werme-26Werme-26plowephoto.com Werme-27Werme-27plowephoto.com Werme-28Werme-28plowephoto.com Werme-31Werme-31plowephoto.com Werme-33Werme-33plowephoto.com Werme-35Werme-35plowephoto.com Werme-37Werme-37plowephoto.com


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