Duer {Mini Session} | Philadelphia, PA

June 17, 2015  •  2 Comments

The Duers are in the running for the moderately prestigious title of my longest running clients.  Their little lady, E, is turning one this month so they signed up for a mini session to commemorate this milestone.  It was so fun to capture their beautiful family - I'm already looking forward to our next session!

Duer Mini-13Duer Mini-13plowephoto.com Duer Mini-14Duer Mini-14plowephoto.com Duer Mini-17Duer Mini-17plowephoto.com Duer Mini-29Duer Mini-29plowephoto.com Duer Mini-32Duer Mini-32plowephoto.com Duer Mini-37Duer Mini-37plowephoto.com Duer Mini-59Duer Mini-59plowephoto.com Duer Mini-60Duer Mini-60plowephoto.com Duer Mini-65Duer Mini-65plowephoto.com Duer Mini-67Duer Mini-67plowephoto.com

Duer Mini-55Duer Mini-55plowephoto.com Duer Mini-71Duer Mini-71plowephoto.com

Duer Mini-76Duer Mini-76plowephoto.com Duer Mini-86Duer Mini-86plowephoto.com Duer Mini-88Duer Mini-88plowephoto.com Duer Mini-89Duer Mini-89plowephoto.com Duer Mini-90Duer Mini-90plowephoto.com Duer Mini-92Duer Mini-92plowephoto.com Duer Mini-93Duer Mini-93plowephoto.com Duer Mini-94Duer Mini-94plowephoto.com Duer Mini-97Duer Mini-97plowephoto.com Duer Mini-98Duer Mini-98plowephoto.com Duer Mini-102Duer Mini-102plowephoto.com Duer Mini-106Duer Mini-106plowephoto.com Duer Mini-107Duer Mini-107plowephoto.com Duer Mini-109Duer Mini-109plowephoto.com Duer Mini-110Duer Mini-110plowephoto.com Duer Mini-112Duer Mini-112plowephoto.com Duer Mini-113Duer Mini-113plowephoto.com Duer Mini-115Duer Mini-115plowephoto.com Duer Mini-117Duer Mini-117plowephoto.com Duer Mini-128Duer Mini-128plowephoto.com Duer Mini-131Duer Mini-131plowephoto.com Duer Mini-132Duer Mini-132plowephoto.com Duer Mini-141Duer Mini-141plowephoto.com Duer Mini-149Duer Mini-149plowephoto.com


I have the best looking grandkids! Lol
Erin G(non-registered)
Adorable! Love her pouty lip :) And what handsome brothers!
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